Training: COACHING package III

Training: COACHING package III

Training # 25 Level 3

Duration: 1 day

Clientele: Any worker with a second university degree and a curriculum that includes the helping relationship, the psychology of work and / or business and eager to develop his skills as a coach and then be able to intervene in business or individual.

Coaching Level 3

This training is Level 3 of a learning trilogy with reference to “individual coaching” which is a complement to the two previous levels of learning. It will help each participant to properly locate a request for a coaching intervention (its relevance) associated with the level of risk, in terms of success or potential failure related to such a request. It is during the analysis of such a request that the “ART of the question” becomes the cornerstone of the acceptance or refusal of a request for intervention in coaching.

* Note: Level 1 and 2 are prerequisites for this training.


7. Diagnosis: Respond to a coaching request
8. Identify the relevance of a coaching request
9. Select the appropriate coaching type
10. Recognize the limits of coaching


Description of the types of coaching
Develop the ART of the question (steps, angles, resonance v / s my interlocutor)
Application of various types of coaching (according to demand)
My “Toolbox” * sheet “summary


Based on their situation and their work environment, each participant will learn how to effectively manage a coaching request. Various case studies and group discussions will help to facilitate the integration of

Information request

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