Training: COACHING package II

Training: COACHING package II

TRAINING # 24 Level 2

Duration: 1 day


Any worker with a second university degree and a curriculum that includes the helping relationship, the psychology of work and / or business and eager to develop his skills as a coach and then be able to intervene in business or individual.

Coaching Level 2

This training is Level 2 of a learning trilogy with reference to “Individual coaching” which is intended as a complement in terms of skills to develop related to the different counseling intervention skills already present in a counselor orientation and acquired over the course of his professional experience. The content of this training refers to a very practical “way of doing” that the trainer (Suzane Proulx c.o.Ph.D.) developed after 15 years of experimentation (+ a systematic search) in the field of coaching. The training will allow each participant to differentiate counseling coaching as a mode of intervention, how to apply it successfully and with which clientele. In addition, the impact of such an intervention and the analysis of case studies will be at the heart of the various discussions between participants, throughout this second training.

* Note: Level 1 “Initiation to coaching” is a prerequisite for this training.


4. Learning the different stages of a coaching process
5. Develop a personal coaching method
6. Recognize the potential pitfalls of coaching



My action plan to become a coach
Presentation of an effective coaching methodology (content and steps)
Diagnosis: The qualities of a coach
Client styles permeable to coaching
Identifications of “classic” traps and tricks
My toolbox as a coach * including a summary sheet


Based on their situation and their work environment, each participant will develop their own coaching method (HOW) and the different steps to apply for a successful coaching intervention. In addition, various case studies and group discussions will help to facilitate the integration of this very practical type of KNOWLEDGE.

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