Training: COACHING package I

Training: COACHING package I

TRAINING # 23 Level 1

Duration: 1 day

Clientele: Any worker with a second university degree and a curriculum that includes the helping relationship, the psychology of work and / or business and eager to develop his skills as a coach and then be able to intervene in business or individual.

Coaching Level 1

In Québec, nearly 62% of large companies currently use “coach” consultants for a variety of reasons, the main one being either to correct a situation perceived as largely unproductive or to help a manager optimize his performance level. An effective coach knows how to adapt his approach of intervention, his mode of communication and his working techniques to the personality and the mode of learning of his “coachee”. He ensures that his intervention is well structured to facilitate follow-up with his client. Can we all be coaches? No ! This type of intervention is done according to certain rules and all do not want or can not submit to it … the first being to accept that a potential coachee refuses to be coached by you. And here is your ego taking a hit. What happened ? This training will allow you to know the “for” and the “against” coaching and validate if this type of intervention is for you.


1. understand the coaching world and its requirements
2. learn about a coaching approach
3. know the pitfalls of coaching


The origin of coaching
Today’s coaching (market analysis)
Coaching and the c.o.
Types of coaching
The qualities of an effective coach
Intervention in coaching (description and stages – Level 1)
My “toolbox” as a coach
Gray zones of coaching
Validate if I am a potential coach
My next step … to establish my action plan to become a coach?


From his situation, each participant will reflect on his interest in coaching as an additional skill to offer to his clients. Practical exercises, simulations and group discussions will help to facilitate the integration of this type of KNOWLEDGE for each participant.

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