Training: Intuitive Management

Training: Intuitive Management

Training # 26

Duration: 1 day

Clientele: Any manager interested in developing (and easily recognizing) the “intangible” skill that is intuition, then use it on a daily basis.


What is intuition? It is this “little voice” that comes from within … Intuition is one of the main sources of our intelligence (instant cognitive process). Intuition results from a global mode of perception that is very fast, “in the present,” which requires a collaboration between the heart and the brain. Thus, the perception, the processing and the interpretation of the intuitive information are done first by the heart (emotions …) and then by the brain at a particularly fast speed when we are … fasting .

Question: Is it a “sixth sense” in humans … or nonsense?
This is what this training will try to answer.

Issues? … the risk of going beyond its limits

Why use intuition in management?

For a manager, to use his intuition is above all to learn a mental process that is more and more “recognized”, subtle and … present in each one of us, then transforms it into a tool facilitating its reflection, its decision-making, and especially its communications.


1. Identify my intuition to know me better
2. Differentiate my intuition from my instinct
3. Easier to recognize a manipulator (major benefit!)


… according to the situation. In fact, there will be many if I am creative enough to want to innovate, to explore new intellectual avenues to be open to the future in the present.


Why use intuition in management?
Differentiate the logic of intuition … and creativity
Types (5) of “intuitive process”
Impact of intuition on leadership
Intuition … a process that facilitates my daily decisions
Intuition and manipulators
Intuition and conflict management


From his situation, each participant will reflect on his interest in this type of cognitive skill to develop in his professional life. Practical exercises, simulations and group discussions will help to facilitate the integration of this type of KNOWLEDGE for each participant.

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